Thanks for stopping by Living Life, One Cupcake At A Time! Before I tell you what this blog is all about, let me introduce myself. I’m Chelsie, I’m 22 years old, and I recently graduated from a local college here on the South Shore of Massachusetts.


With my newly accquired degree in business management, I set out to find a “big girl” job and that I did! Now that I work full-time and no longer have to balance part-time work, internships, and a full course load at school, I decided to start a blog.


For years, I used blogs as my distraction from school work but quickly become engulfed. It didn’t take take me long to realize that I needed a blog of my own. But what would I write about? It was simple, I love reading about people’s lives, the foods they like to eat, the experiences they’ve had, and the places they have gone, so why not go with that! Oh and if you hadn’t guessed by name, I have a little bit of a love for cupcakes (and any sweet treats for that matter).


Though my desire for sweets will be an evident part of this blog, I hope it will transpire into so much more! When I’m not busy baking and dreaming of the sweetest confections, I try my best to live a healthy life consisting of trips to the gym and balanced eating. Join me as I face my daily ups and downs and try to figure out life along the way!


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