It’s been a while but I think I’m finally starting to get back on track. I realized that I never recapped my DietBet experience. It’s been two weeks since my FitFluential DietBet ended on 8th and though I’ve gained back two pounds, I’ll still happy with the results. So happy in matter of fact that I’m starting another one today!


My first DietBet with FitFluential was nerve wrecking for me. Yes, I won the money ($44!!!) but it wasn’t easy. I was literally exercising morning and night and strictly tracking my calorie intake on MyFitnessPal. Did it work? Yes, but it also consumed my life. I’m extremely happy with the way I felt and the results but I know I could have done better. Not better as in exercising more and eating less but taking a different approach. This time, of course I will still track my calories and exercise A LOT but I plant to also enjoy life a little too. May will be a pretty busy month and I think the DietBet will help me stay on track from over indulging, but it won’t be the end of the world when I eat a cupcake or have a cocktail. Last time, I swore off alcohol. As it is, I rarely drink but I didn’t want to face those extra calories. Let’s just say going out with my co-workers on Friday nights get real boring, real quick. Diet Coke was giving me a caffeine buzz but that was about it.

Hopefully these next 28 days are healthy ones filled with habits I can carry on with! I want to find new snacks and new exercises that push me to keep losing past the 4% in the short time period. I worry a lot about putting the weight back on and I know if I’m not cautious it will happen. But it’s all about balance! I just keep telling myself one cupcake won’t make me fat, just like one salad won’t make me skinny.



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