Let’s rewind a little. Since my presence has basically been none existent around here lately, let’s go back to Saturday. Yup, a whole 4 days! I had BIG plans for Saturday! (insert sarcasm) After the gym, I shockingly skipped by usual Target trip and came straight home after my Dunkin stop. Remember, big plans.


Breakfast consisted of a combination that has been making frequent appearances in my life. I finally broke down and ordered some PB2 a few weeks ago and have been absolutely loving it! I will do anything to save calories, the fact that this tastes delish is even better. I topped two plain rice cakes with a bunch of watery PB2 and a banana. Yummm.


Then I went for a pedicure! Yup, my big Saturday plans. I almost got a manicure too but then remembered I had 200 files to pull at work this week and pretty nails & file folders just do go. After my rather speedy pedicure, I came home and was starving. I planned on just an afternoon snack but figured I should eat something a little more. It was slim pickings so I went with the rest of the eggs whites on a whole wheat English muffin I found in the freezer. It did the trick!


Calling all coconut lovers!! Have you tried these Blue Diamond Toasted Coconut Almonds? Amazingggg. They have been sitting in the cabinet for oh say 3 months now and I finally just opened them. I don’t know what I was waiting for! Coconut flavored things sometimes worry me for the fear of a pina colada taste but I didn’t find that here.


When dinner finally rolled around, I had plans to finally try tilapia but when they were sold out, we went with cod. I pretty much only like haddock or cod but I was willing to try tilapia. Oh well, maybe next time or maybe it was a sign I won’t like it. Hmmm… On the side we had some Alexia Sweet Potato Puffs they were actually quite sweet but still tasty and some cole slaw. And yes, you should be jealous of the awesome lighting in the kitchen at dinner time. If you sit in the right seat, that pesky line of light is actually blinding every night between 5:30 and 6.


To round out my day of good eats, my mom and I went for a fro-yo trip . The weather wasn’t as nice as it had been earlier in the week but I never pass up that stuff. In the cup – caramel and cake batter fro-yo with a few random toppings.


Now I’m off to start a very long day! We have our Annual Department Meeting from 8:30-5! Kinda long? I think yes. Luckily, I Run on Dunkin’ 🙂

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