Where to begin…

Where to begin…

I haven’t blogged since Easter, so much has been going on and I plan to share all about that later. Yesterday I had the day off from work, like so many others in observance of the holiday and planned to get my blogging back on track. I had my day all planned out – sleep in, watch the start of the marathon, errands, home to see the elite’s cross, some work, a walk and more work/blogging. Well after that walk the day quickly changed and things haven’t been right since.

I have never been to the marathon but have watched it for as long as I can remember on tv. Plenty of my friends go year after year but they are doing a different type of “marathoning” than running. My sister had been texting me pictures throughout the day as she watched from her window in her dorm, the cute stories of the boyfriends and friends jumping in to run the last few miles with those running. Then it all changed with the breaking news, facebook status’ going crazy, and people tweeting away. All I could do was watch. I couldn’t turn away. I repeatedly would refresh every window open on my computer. All I could think of all the people I knew from work running, how far did they make it, where they close to finishing? Was this really happening?  Things like this aren’t suppose to happen, not here, not anywhere.

Today was still a fog. The halls silent at work, everyone afraid to ask “how was your weekend?”. I quietly spent the day at at my desk, repeatedly checking my Twitter for news updates, to mourn those lost, to be thankful for those who helped, and feeling appreciative of the support from around the world.


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