A Really Good Friday

I am so excited it’s Friday! Of course, every Friday is exciting because it means the weekend but this one is going to be extra Good 😉 After this crazy week of work I need it. Only downfall, I won’t be allowed to wear my super comfy, oversized, Pink sweatpants all weekend like every other weekend. I mean will they really look that bad in the Easter pictures?

Before the Easter festivities begin, I have a lot to do! First thing on my list – a super sweaty spin class. There aren’t any spin classes on Sunday (not that I would go) so I need to get the most out of Saturday’s class. I’m really hoping I’ll able to behave and not go all out on the mini Cadbury Eggs.


After the gym I have an eyebrow appt because one of my eyebrows just doesn’t want to grow in all the way, not cool. Then I have some awesome plans to straighten my hair which hasn’t happened in months! Don’t be deceived by the pictures, I have some wild crazy curly hair. I have given up on trying to straighten it every day for work and been doing the curly thing but this weekend will be worth the effort.


Pick out an outfit – I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to wear but the weather situation around here isn’t helping. It’s been snowing at least once a week and just plain gross. As of right now, they are saying 57 degrees for Sunday (crossing my fingers)! Which means, I can totally wear my navy Gap dress that’s been sitting in my closest for months. The dress has really been waiting for my sister to bring all her fancy jewels home from school, which she did! There’s one more thing I need to complete my outfit, tan legs. Last week when we I was at Ulta I made a total impulse buy of St. Tropez Perfect Leg Spray. I’ve heard plenty of good things about this brand and the price was rather convincing that it must be some good stuff! I’ve just never been a self tanner type but I know its so much healthier than tanning beds (I stopped to that 2 years ago, thankfully!).


Baking – The most important part of the day! I’m starting to think I need to rearrange my priorities after reading what I just wrote. No one is going to care about my tan legs unless they are bringing in the desserts. Leaving me to bake all the desserts probably wasn’t the best idea…we’ll see how that goes!

Now just 8 hours of a rather warm&sunny Friday stand between me and the weekend!


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