Sweet Easter Treats!

Easter is this weekend! Can you believe it?! I feel like I was just eating Green Cake for St. Patrick’s Day! Oh wait…I was. Over the weekend, I saw Erica post about her Pinterest finds which made me realize I didn’t even have an Easter board started. Luckily, it didn’t take me long, to come up with a few ideas. Oh and then those idea, yah they suddenly disappeared. I went to get the links to write this post and all that was there was the first one I pinned! I was sooo mad, especially since I could see the little preview of them at the bottom. After logging in&out and furiously clicking, I realized I could get them by clicking on all my pins. Sometimes I wonder about myself…

So, I am always in charge of making at least two desserts for Easter. My mom usually whips up a pie and I stick with cupcakes and a festive dessert. This year I will mainly be in charge of the desserts since my mom and cousins will be tackling a family favorite traditional Ukrainian dish, pyrohý. Most people  probably know these delicious stuffed crescent shaped dumplings as pierogis. I’m getting hungry just thinking about them!

Back to the sweets! In addition to baking for Easter Day, I will also be baking for my coworkers. Since I started working there last year, they have been spoiled by treats! Below you will see some of my final dessert choices and some other tempting treats that I can only dream about!

To get these recipes, click on the pictures to be directed to the source or visit my Pinterest Page for these and more treats!

Bird’s Nests – This are a year round favorite of mine but not only do these have butterscotch but chocolate and peanut butter too! Yummm. I will be making these cute little nests for both work and Easter.IMG_9783

Rice Krispie Pizza – In my house, rice krispy treats have always been the go to treat for every school event. I won’t be making this “pizza” but just had to share how fun it looks!


Bunny Bait – The perfect salty/sweet combo! My coworkers are going to love this mix. Especially after I package it individually for them.


Coconut Macaroon Nutella Nests – Coconut makes everything better. Up until about 2 years ago, I was not a coconut fan at all! Now, these are calling my name.


Mini Fruit Pizzas – I love anything with fruit at Easter since Easter means Spring, right?! Unfortunately it isn’t looking that way for Massachusetts this year.


Peeps Cake Batter Candy – This I just had to throw in here for the fun of it! I love both Peeps and cake batter but together?! That may be too much for even these sweet tooth to handle. Who am I kidding though, really.


Homemade Chocolate Covered Peeps – Now I could simply go to the store and buy these but they wouldn’t come with sprinkles and I LOVE sprinkles! These pretty little peeps will also be coming to work with me. I tell yah, they are going to be spoiled with treats this Friday!


Layered Lemon Pie – This is the light, sweet, and refreshing and will be made for Easter! I’m pretty sure my mom and I are the only big lemon lovers out of everyone in our extended family.


Funfetti – You can never go wrong with Funfetti! Of course, I like to make homemade goods but Pillsbury does Funfetti right. Since I’ll be trying to satisfy quite the group of little cousins, this will easily be a winner (they won’t be falling for any of my lemon pie)!


Is anyone a Peeps traditionalist and only eats them for Easter? My mom was a traditionalist up until last year and I stood by her. I think she finally caved for Christmas with the chocolate covered varieties. It was fun to only be able to eat them at Easter, it made them even that much more of a special treat!


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