Cauliflower Fail

So about that cauliflower crust pizza, yah it was kind of a fail. It didn’t exactly hold together as well as it looked in the picture and got rather crispy around the edges but wet in the center. Plus, I couldn’t make myself believe I was eating pizza and not a head of mushed up cauliflower. I’ll spare you the picture because it wasn’t pretty. Maybe I should have stuck to 1 recipe instead of using 2?! I would say next time but there probably won’t be a next time. Luckily we had an  American Flatbread  tucked away in the freezer that cooked in 5 minutes. Those things are quite delish and taste super fresh!


I spent some time in the afternoon putting together a few ideas for Easter treats for work and for Easter Day too! While browsing through a few flyers, I saw some candy on sale and on top of it, my mom had a few candy coupons. We are huge coupon clippers in this house! Don’t tell anyone but you can often catch me clipping coupons with my mom on a Saturday night in preparation for Sunday’s shopping trip, while we watch a romcom I’ve seen 20 times. But before we get to that fun stuff, let’s back up a little!
After a fail during lunch, my parents were brave enough to let me make dinner. It’s highly unlikely that I ever attempt one meal a day, let alone two. Clearly they weren’t motivated to think of anything to eat but I must say my dinner was a win! Granted, it was only a salad but still it looked and tasted great. It was my very own version of a cobb salad served in a hideous flower bowl. Please ignore the serving dish and focus on the beauty of the salad below.
It was really so good! The poppy seed dressing made it even better. I try to avoid creamy dressing as much as possible but this salad was homemade and deserved a little something special!
We planned on a fro-yo trip Friday night but surprise, surprise I worked late so it was postponed a day. This is actually a pretty simple concoction compared to what I usually pile into that cup, I’m trying my best to behave!
Before our sweet treat, we did some extreme stopping, Rite Aid/Walgreens/Dollar Store. Keeping it classy on a Saturday night! I picked up a majority of the candy I will need for baking this week and for next weekend.
Look out for an Easter treats post this week!

4 thoughts on “Cauliflower Fail

  1. Aww man…I am sorry to hear that you did not enjoy the cauliflower pizza crust. I am a huge fan! Did you try making it on a pizza crisper pan with holes in it? It is a bit messier, but the crust definitely gets a lot crispier that way!

    • I actually used a Pampered Chef Pizza Stone. Your way sounds like it would have worked better! Thanks for the suggestion! Have you tried doing a sweet potato crust? I saw one that looked crispy but then again, it was probably the cooking method.

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