Getting Fit.

Today is the first official day of the FitFluential March DietBet! As soon as I submitted my weight on Sunday I started planning workouts and meal ideas for the next four weeks. I’m not surprised with the amount of weight I have to lose but at the same time I wasn’t happy to see that number on the scale. I haven’t stepped on a scale in months! I know I have been exercising regularly but my eating habits haven’t been the greatest and I have been slacking off a lot all around. It might sound like I’m trying to blame someone/something else for my weight gain but I know for a fact a good portion of it comes from my new job. I sit at my desk practically all day, munching here and there. Before I graduated, I worked at a grocery store and spent 8 hours a day racing back in forth in the check out, never getting to sit down. I really never realized how active that job kept me for 7 years! I was spending 30 hours a week on my feet at work, in addition to going to the gym, and walking around campus. I definitely underestimated how much exercise I was getting back then until now.

Sorry for the rant but I think you get it, I took for granted my daily activities of a year ago! Now I’m ready to change my ways and I’ve got some great motivation to do so! First of all, DietBet is the best idea ever. Who isn’t motivated by money? If I could get a little extra money in my pocket for losing weight, I would be quite happy. Another motivator, my upcoming trip to Disney! I hate looking back on vacations or the summer and thinking, “gee, I wish I lost a few more pounds.”

My plan is to eat less and eat healthy. At work and at night, I tend to do some mindless eating. Every so often everyday work gets to be a little stressful and I find myself reaching out of a candy dish at someone’s desk for a few too many pieces of chocolate. At night, I hope to cut off my eating at 8. Some nights that will be a challenge if I am working late or if I am going to the gym after work. My workout plan is a mix of both a.m. workouts at home and after work gym visits.

Sorry the excessive amounts of writing and lack of pictures! Soon enough I’ll have plenty of healthy eats to share!


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