Ten Thing Tuesday: Disney!

It’s Tuesday! I have some exciting news to share! I’m going to Disney World! For some 22 year olds that may not be OMG exciting but for me it totally is! I haven’t been to Disney World in 12 years and have been dreaming about going back ever since visiting Disneyland about two years ago.

Disneyland 2011!


My sister and I had the time of our lives and have been begging to visit Disney once again!

For today’s Ten Thing Tuesday, I’m focusing on Disney; questions I have, things I want to do, and just some good ole ranting! Pleaseeee give me some suggestions, the more the merrier!

1. Dole Whip – I am beyond excited to try a Dole Whip! If it doesn’t live up to my expectation, I don’t know what I will do. I have high hopes though, everyone is saying some great things 🙂


2. Where to Stay? – 12 long years ago we stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter. I vividly remember two things, the dragon water slide and beignets.


3. Where to Visit, When – I’m a planner, like big time. I’ve already got all the Extra Magic Hours down so that we can visit every park for the maximum amount of time.

4. Character Meals – So my sister and I are 22 and 20 and yes we will be doing a character meal. We’d love to get a few pictures with the characters and really don’t have time to be standing in line waiting for photo opps (see above point). We are thinking breakfast, that’s what we did so long ago!


5. ADRs – I’ve had some mixed feelings about making reservations since we need to plan around them. I’ve made a few tentative reservations so far because I think I’ll regret it if we don’t.

6. Rides – I would typically complain about the lines but they now have interactive lines where you are entertained while waiting. Read more about it here.

Disneyland 2011!

Disneyland 2011!

7. Be Our Guest – Has anyone heard about the new Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant at the Magic Kingdom? Well dinner reservations are impossible and there’s always a line for lunch but we will be waiting in it. But seriously how amazing does it look in there?


8. Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot – Warm weather! I CANNOT wait to be in sunny Florida. Granted it is going to be sweltering hot, it will be totally worth it!

9. Sweets & Treats – It is no secret I am a huge fan of almost any sweet! After reading up a lot on Disney, I starting to think I will just eat snacks instead of actual meals. Who’s with me?


10. Memories – It sounds cheesy but I can’t wait to take a million pictures and pose in my sequin Minnie ears once again 🙂


Have you been to Disney World recently, please share!!

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