Hello again, long time no see! I’ve been MIA for some time, like 2 weeks time. I’m hoping to get right back on track but first i’ve got some catching up to do! These past few weeks life has basically got in the way. I didn’t even have chance to read any blogs! I haven’t looked at any of my favorites since I last posted. As soon as I hit publish, I’m off to get caught up. I feel so out of the loop!

Over the past few weeks, I have spent plenty of time at work (no surprise). It never seems to slow down around the office! While putting in many hours, I have discovered a few new items that I figured I would share today.


I know, it’s just a Starbucks cup, right?! Nope, it’s more! The Barista described it as the “Gladware answer” to their regular cup. It’s pretty neat, it’s plastic and can be hand-washed up to 30 times (or in the dishwasher 15 times). Oh and it only cost $1 (plus tax). I am personally loving it in the morning and for the occasional cup of tea during the day.


So a few people in my office have the bigger bags of these Wonderful Pistachios that are already removed from the shell but I have absolutely no self control so those are not for me. That bag would be gone in a day! For me, this cute little 130 calorie pack is perfect for me. The fact that I have to take them out of the shell, makes for a little afternoon break for me and a big mess for my desk.


For Lent, I took on drinking more water and I hate to say it but I haven’t been doing too good. What’s even worse is I’ve been getting some pretty terrible headaches. I know the headaches are caused by my lack of water. In attempt to drink more, I picked up these liquid flavor drops. So far I am really enjoying them! I still drink regular water but it’s nice to switch it up throughout the day since I don’t drink any soda or juice.

Now it’s time to catch up on some blog reading and watch Women Tell All, which should be interesting…


2 thoughts on “Sidetracked

  1. Women Tell All is nuts! Tierra is crazy. Everyone looks so beautiful though. Try just carrying a water bottle with you everywhere throughout the will get used to it eventually 🙂 Setting a goal for how many ounces you want to consume each day helps as well.

    • Tierra is insane! She is living in her own little world, did she forget her time in the house is all on tape?! I have definitely been struggling with the water but am really going to try to kick it into gear and remember what you said before about 1/2 your body weight in ounces (I’ve been passing that tip onto people at work 🙂 )

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