WIAW: Halfway There

We’re halfway there (livin’ on a prayer 😉 )! Speaking of which, did anyone see how awesome Bon Jovi is?! Over the weekend they played a free show for an audience of 2,000 after postponing their show at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut due to Nemo. Kinda wishing I was there! At least tickets for the show in my area this summer go on sale this Friday. I can’t waittt!


Back to WIAW which today is What I Ate Monday…It seems like I’m pretty good at taking pictures of my food on Mondays lately. That may be because I have absolutely no attention span at work when I get back from the weekend.

Breakfast – Hoping to get a jumpstart, I started off my day with two cups of tea. It kept me warm for a bit but didn’t give me much energy, at least I had a banana with peanut butter on the side. I had to go to kitchen at work to cut up the banana because I refuse to throw away the peel in the trash in my cubicle and have it smell like a banana all day, no thanks!


Lunch – Since there was next to nothing for food to pack for lunch, my parents were nice enough to pick me up a gluten free sandwich from my sister’s school when they dropped her off. Her school actually has a number of fresh, healthy options that I like to take advantage of when I visit. This sandwich had a little too much deli turkey for my liking. After snapping the picture, I took off at least half of the turkey (two slices is more than enough for me).


Afternoon Snack – This little portion was the perfect afternoon treat! I saw this pack at the store over the weekend for under $1 so I decided to pick up a few different kinds. They tasted a lot like the powerberries from TJ’s so of course they were tasty.


Breakfast for Dinner – When I got home from work last night, I wasn’t in the mood for much for dinner. I whipped up a quick batch of french toast with the ends from my gluten free bread. It definitely hit the spot! On the side I enjoyed a Key Lime Crumble Chobani Flip. This was my first time trying this kind and it was quite good! I’m not usually a key lime type of girl but I loved the combination!


Snack – While watching The Bachelor/working on a meeting agenda, I munched on a few too many of these Popcorners that I recently rediscovered. I remember trying them way back when they first came out but never continued to eat them. I don’t know why I stopped!


Off to tackle the day!


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