What Did I Wear?

It is just me or it is impossible to remember what you wore to work last week when Sunday night comes around? I like to have a game plan for my outfits for the week. I almost always pick out my clothes the night before and plan according to the weather. Granted I’m only walking from the parking lot to the office and will remain at my desk all day, I hate to be stomping through puddles in tan pants or a skirt. I also need to have my clothes in a rotation (usually three weeks). Yes, I am aware I’m a little crazy but I can’t stand to know I just the same cardigan two weeks again. And yes, I do realize that if I can’t remember what I wore last week, then no one else probably does either. Still, I can’t break the habit. For Christmas, my mom got my a very cute daily planner! I’m pretty sure she was a a little fed up with my asking her if she remembered what I wore two Tuesdays ago.


I did pretty good the first week but eventually I started to slack off. As usual I spent last night attempting to jog my memory in hopes of getting a glimpse into last week. I considered snapping a quick photo of myself every morning to keep track of my outfits but let’s face it, I look like a hot mess 99% of the time. Suggestions are welcome!

Back to the events of yesterday…

When I finally made it out of the house, I started regretting it as soon as I started driving. The main roads were absolutely horrible, traffic lights were out at major intersections and there was barely enough room for two lanes.

My first stop was Dunkin Donuts to only find out that it was still closed. In hopes of getting my hands on a coffee I tried Starbucks. I was in luck! I wasn’t sure what I felt like so I stayed simple with a Grande Caramel Iced Coffee. It definitely hit the spot!


Unfortunately, Target was not a successful trip, I walked out empty handed! That hardly ever happens. There was next to nothing on the shelves and from the looks of the coolers, they may have lost power during the storm. I didn’t want to take the chance of buying yogurts, since I wasn’t sure if they had been sitting out for some time. My last stop was TJ Maxx. There were quite a few cute handbags that I didn’t need had to pass on but I did find a pair of nude pumps.


They had a few different styles but the Nine West pair were my favorite. I’m hoping they aren’t too high but I plan to do a few “test walks” around the house, just in case. I’ve been on the look out for nude pumps for what seems like forever so when I found these and had a gift card to use, it seemed meant to be!

When I got home, I reheated a bowl of some homemade Zuppa Toscana with a brown rice tortilla filled with a little mozzarella cheese. This soup really is soo good!


The remainder of my evening was spent watching the Grammys and munching on one of the cupcakes I made yesterday. I really wish I had given these all away!



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