Venturing Out

I need coffee. The Tazo Tea has been great but iced coffee is now necessary. The roads are still pretty bad around here but I’ve been stranded in the house a little too long. The travel band was lifted yesterday at 4PM but nowhere was open. Word is that Target did open today so I’m pretty excited about that! I’ve decided not to attempt the grocery store since there is most likely no food on the shelves so I’ll just pick up a few things at Target.

Since there was no way I was making it across town to the gym this morning, I decided to sleep in. I feel like no matter how early I go to bed during the week, I never seem to feel rested. Hopefully this weekend of sleeping late will help! For breakfast I made a cup of tea to go with a few slices of toasted Udi’s bread. I froze about half of the loaf because there was no way I was letting that bread go to waste after how much I paid for it! ¬†Instead of doing my usual scroll through Pinterest while I ate, I took some time to clean up my work emails. One of these days Outlook isn’t going to let me get anymore emails after the amount of times it has told me there are too many!


The sun was shining bright and actually felt pretty warm, so my mom, sister, and a few cousins decided to bundle up and head out for a walk and some sledding. Unfortunately, my phone didn’t feel like braving the snow and my snow outfit was so not picture worthy (I think I was wearing snow pants from when I was about 15). We stayed out for quite a while before finally heading back in for some lunch. Remember the chicken and potstickers from Trader Joe’s, those are on the menu today! Quick and easy lunch before we can make it to the grocery store to restock.


Now it’s off to do a little shopping and get some coffee. I originally planned on Dunkin Donuts but I do need to use my free drink reward at Starbucks before I forget. Did I mention, I didn’t use the last one I earned? I know, the horror. I was pretty devastated when I realized it expired. They really need to start sending cards again! Anyways…I’m getting out of this house!


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