WIAW: Got Milk?

Sometimes I really wish there was more time in the day! As much as I enjoy coming home, doing absolutely nothing, and crawling into bed, some days I wish I could stay at work a little longer. Crazy, I know. Maybe it’s because this weekend got off to a slow start and I’m still trying to catch up.

Speaking of the week getting off to a slow start, let’s talk about Monday’s eats.


When I woke up I was really feeling some cereal. I never have time to eat before work so I packed some to enjoy with a banana when I got to work. On the way, I went back and forth between Dunks and Starbucks and finally decided on a Starbucks iced coffee. It was going to be a whole 33 degrees so why not!

What's wrong with this picture?

What’s wrong with this picture?

Something look off about this picture? There’s no milk in my cereal! The one day I decide to actually bring cereal for breakfast and there is no milk to be found anywhere in the office. Apparently they cleaned out the fridge over the weekend and not only disposed of the four types of milk that are usually in their but also got rid of my perfectly good Chobani! Since I had already sliced the banana and put it in the cereal, I decide to eat it, with the spoon and all. Note to self: check for milk first, if you ever bring cereal again.

Lunch was all over the place like usual. I enjoyed this frequently appearing combo before moving onto some pizza.



Those attractive looking squares would be some cheese and “The Bertucci”. Bertucci’s always has the best deals around game days.

After lunch I enjoyed a little Dark Chocolate Dreams and I am really disappointed to say that I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would have. I had high hopes for it after loving the White Chocolate Wonderful. Since I’m more of a dark chocolate person than white, I definitely thought it would have won me over. Not quite though! Also, two clementines were enjoyed on the side.



Monday night’s dinner is going to go unpictured. It surely wasn’t the healthiest or prettiest. We had potato chip chicken (baked chicken tenders coated in crushed chips) and some baked Alexia fries. After a rather unhealthy lunch of pizza, I would have preferred something a little more nutritious for dinner but oh well, can’t help it sometimes!

Next week, will be better! Let’s hope…


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