Ten Thing Tuesday: Hugs&Kisses

It’s Ten Thing Tuesday! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, why not make a lovey dovey post to get in the spirit?!

1. Let’s start with breakfast, shall we? In a perfect world where I have time to make/eat breakfast, this just may be my top pick. French Toast STUFFED with Nutella?! Nothing like indulging on Valentine’s Day morning!


2. While browsing the web I came around Valentine’s Day Facts and Superstitions. There was quite the variety and I betcha didn’t know that….

According to Good Housekeeping, what you eat on Valentine’s Day could also affect your future. Noodles are able to reward you with a long life, but in order to make this happen, you have to consume the whole strand without letting it break. Cabbage is associated with luck and fortune, while pomegranates represent fertility and abundance. You could even use an apple to decipher how many children you’ll have one day – just cut one in half and count the number of seeds.

I will be sure to pick my meals wisely next Thursday!

 3. I typically lean towards the French manicure whenever I get my nails done but lately I’ve been testing out some colors. I usually stay away from colors for the fear of my outfit and nails completely clashing but I’m working on it. I probably wouldn’t go this far but seriously, how fun?!



4. This movie. It is the definition of cheesy, romantic nonsense and I really can’t get enough, no matter how many times I watch it (hellooo Bradley Cooper&Co.)!


5. I can’t get enough of little signs and saying like the ones below. For some reason they make me think about the little things surrounding holidays. 


6. After eating the French Toast for breakfast, why not just make Red Velvet Monkey Bread for dessert to stuff my face with while watching Valentine’s Day…


This is certainly a “special occasion only” monkey bread, otherwise I’ll stick to boat loads of cinnamon and sugar on some biscuits 😉


7. These are too cute and also a little too complicated for me. You NEED to check out these Rose Apple Pie Bites. One day when I feeling like a challenge, maybe I’ll test myself with these.

8. I’m a true believer in that there’s a rice krispy treat for every holiday/occasion. Not only are heart shaped, pink, and dipped in chocolate but they are made with strawberry heart shaped marshmallows!  Find them over at Our Best Bites!


9. How cute are these “gumball machines”?! They are little beyond my crafting skill level but like the roses, something to strive for!


10. Looking for some stats? According to an American Express survey, six million couples are likely to get engaged on next Thursday! Say what?! That’s umm…just a few. Go check out the survey and other stats about 2/14 here!

Got any more good ideas? Let me know!


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