Posted in February 2013

WIAW: Halfway There

WIAW: Halfway There

We’re halfway there (livin’ on a prayer 😉 )! Speaking of which, did anyone see how awesome Bon Jovi is?! Over the weekend they played a free show for an audience of 2,000 after postponing their show at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut due to Nemo. Kinda wishing I was there! At least tickets for the … Continue reading

Ten Thing Tuesday: Blogs I Love

Happy Fat Tuesday! I hope everyone is indulging a little and enjoying some scrumptious treats! I could really go for a beignet right now… Anywho, since my blog is still a baby, I figured today I would would share ten of my favorite blogs! Of course I read far more then ten blogs but these … Continue reading

What Did I Wear?

It is just me or it is impossible to remember what you wore to work last week when Sunday night comes around? I like to have a game plan for my outfits for the week. I almost always pick out my clothes the night before and plan according to the weather. Granted I’m only walking … Continue reading

Venturing Out

Venturing Out

I need coffee. The Tazo Tea has been great but iced coffee is now necessary. The roads are still pretty bad around here but I’ve been stranded in the house a little too long. The travel band was lifted yesterday at 4PM but nowhere was open. Word is that Target did open today so I’m … Continue reading

Snowed In

Snowed In

Well it’s a little snowy here in the Northeast! Nemo certainly did a number on us. The snow drifts are unreal but I believe the actual total is right around 26 inches which is still pretty insane! It looks like the storm is over and now we just need to shovel out (just keep shoveling, … Continue reading

Storm Warning!

Happy Weekend, it’s finally Friday! I got a little head start on the weekend since I got to leave work 4(!!!) hours early today. They wanted everyone off the roads early afternoon in preparation for the big storm.  We are supposed to get anywhere between 18-24 inches (possibly more) by midday tomorrow. Luckily, when I … Continue reading

WIAW: Got Milk?

Sometimes I really wish there was more time in the day! As much as I enjoy coming home, doing absolutely nothing, and crawling into bed, some days I wish I could stay at work a little longer. Crazy, I know. Maybe it’s because this weekend got off to a slow start and I’m still trying … Continue reading

Ten Thing Tuesday: Hugs&Kisses

It’s Ten Thing Tuesday! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, why not make a lovey dovey post to get in the spirit?! 1. Let’s start with breakfast, shall we? In a perfect world where I have time to make/eat breakfast, this just may be my top pick. French Toast STUFFED with Nutella?! Nothing like indulging … Continue reading

Weekend Recap

How about a quick little weekend recap?! Let’s do it in pictures though since The Bachelor is on and well, Monday Night priorities. After a great (but short) spin class I came home and balanced my ice cold coffee with some oatmeal. Does oatmeal usually take 7 minutes to cook in the microwave? No, didn’t … Continue reading