Suddenly Saturday

How is already Saturday? I feel like I was just complaining about the slow start of my work week and all of a sudden it is over! Needless to say this week absolutely flew by. By the time I got home every night, the last thing I wanted to do was look at a computer screen any longer. I didn’t even have the motivation to do a little blog reading or browse through the latest celebirty gossip, which so isn’t like me. I guess work really just got the best of me!

Now on to better things…it’s the weekend!!! Most weekends are pretty low key for me. I usually don’t expect anything too exciting and stick to gym/shopping/being lazy. But this weekend is different! As I’m sure almost everyone is aware, tomorrow is a BIG day for New England sports fans. I am beyond excited to be attending the AFC Championship Game! I’ve only been to one Patriots’ game but this is going to be totally different! For one the crowd is going to be insane (can’t wait to people watch), oh and it’s going to be extremely cold but let’s just ignore that small detail for now.


Okay, so maybe I can’t ignore the fact that its going to be in the low 20s by game time and the fact that the wind always seems to be brutal at the stadium. Like my jacket? I’m pretty sure this will be my second time wearing my “arctic parka” and I’ve had it for hmm say five years?! I’ve also been consulting other game attending pros on what to wear under the jacket… Let’s just say there will be ridiculous layers, a fabulous turtleneck, and hand/feet/body warmers. I’m just hoping we are on our feet jumping up&down for a majority of the time.

"Ain't nobody know we're gonna knock it down"

“Ain’t nobody know we’re gonna knock it down”
There is no denying a Bon Jovi touchdown anthem!

I think I’ve dwelled on my outfit long enough. Time to actually get a “game plan” and move on with my day.

Happy Saturday!


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