Ten Thing Tuesdays

Two days down, three to go! We are moving right along! First and foremost, my apologizes for the lack of pictures. It’s looking pretty bland around here at the moment but let’s hope this is the last Tuesday of that!

Now onto something a little more thrilling. So, even before I started blogging I wanted to come up with a topic I could post about every week. It had to be something broad because let’s face it, I would be repeating myself within two weeks with this exciting life of mine. I love reading about people’s daily eats, their favorite things, music they’re loving and more but couldn’t just pick one those. I knew I needed a variety to work with so I got to work and brainstormed Ten Thing Tuesday. A way for me to highlight a small selection of what I’m liking and loving.

What are these Ten Thing Tuesdays going to be about you ask?! Well, I figured the least I could do was give you a sneak peak at some of the “things” I’d like to cover on Tuesdays to come…

In no particular order –

1. Must Haves

2. Movies

3. Blogs

4. Careers

5. Desserts

6. Current “Pins”

7. Places to Go

8. Past Times

9. Workout Music


There you go! Ten things I plan to chat about on future Ten Thing Tuesday!


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