Weekend Wrap-up

Happy Monday! For some reason, Monday always gets off to such a slow start for me. I wish I could jump back into things but it just never seems to happen. Oh well, at least The Bachelor is on!

Now to recap the weekend…

These days, it seems like I’ve only been making it the gym on weekends so I try my best to get up and get my day started. My plan sounded great until sleeping in sounded so much better! After eventually rolling out of bed and a quick trip to the grocery store, I was on my way to get a pedicure. It’s been much too long since my feet have had any pampering and they were definitely in need! I was in luck and there was no wait (I always seem to get go at the wrong time)!  I decided to forgo but trusty French manicure and went with a lovely OPI color.


Dutch Tulips, anyone?! I’m really digging it, especially with Valentine’s Day around the corner 😉 more on that in a bit!

The rest of my Saturday was spent doing a few blog related things and eventually watching The Hunger Games, my sister’s one request before she went back to school.

Sunday I had no problem hopping out of bed and making my way to spin class! I’m sure it’s just the new year’s hype but the fact that we have to line up for a token for a whole 30 minutes before is just a little ridiculous. That’s 30 precious minutes that could have been spent on the elliptical watching E! By the end class, I knew the workout was worth the wait and I’m still feeling it today.

After a quick shower, I threw together a quick breakfast that would hold me over for a while as I ventured out shopping! I didn’t know if I wanted sweet or savory, so I figured why not a little of each?!


Egg white omelet with mushroom and American cheese with a Thomas’ English Muffin. Sadly I now only have one cranberry left in the freezer. Definitely kicking myself for not stocking up on these!

My plan for the rest of the day included a trip to the Dollar Tree, Michaels, Target, and of course, Starbucks. I planned to spend my afternoon watching football and making Valentine’s Day craft/decorations for my cubicle at work but my supply was running low. I’ve been pinning things for a while and finally came up with a few idea I wanted to try out. After a very quick trip the Dollar Tree and finding out they didn’t have styrofoam balls, I was off to Michaels to purchase a pack of foam balls, those things are not cheap! While I was there I may have also scooped up some clearance Christmas items, 80% off treat bags will not be passed up! Then of course I did my weekly mindless shopping at Target, strolling up and down the aisles for way too long!


Two cardigans, a comfy pull over, some cream, yogurt, and crafting supplies later , I was out of there! Target, why must your cardigans be so cute and affordable?!

Finally back home, the crafting began! I had a few things in mind and I must say I’m pretty happy with the results. Speaking of results, all I can say is AFC Championship Game hereeee weee comeeee! Can not wait for next Sunday, Go Patriots!

My night finished up with a little pizza and some “Sundae Nut” Football!


Definitely a touchdown 😉


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