Happy WIAW!

Happy Wednesday! I really can’t believe it’s only Wednesday. I think the holidays still have me all out sorts, too many days off from work! Luckily, only two days stand between me and the weekend.


In other news, today is my first WIAW! Unfortunately, my eats lately have been less than impressive, barely picture worthy, and practically the same everyday. Looks like my entrance into the WIAW world is less than stellar…


Breakfast is typically the same every day at work, caffeine and an apple. I don’t make have time to eat before I leave so in the middle of the craziness I munch on my apple. I had a free drink reward so I splurged this morning!


Lunch this week has been something new and I am definitely a fan! I’ve seen Wasa crackers on a few blogs lately and took the advice of Sweet Tooth Sweet Life and went with the crisp’n light.  So glad I did! I’ve been enjoying The Laughing Cow Garlic & Herb spread on two Wasa crackers, topped with a little shaved honey roasted turkey, and some popcorn on the side. Did I mention I’ve mastered the art of burning microwave popcorn?! I’m a big fan of air popped but will have to try to get along with the microwave at work for now.


My afternoon snack consisted on two more crisp’n light Wasa! Once again topped with The Laughing Cow but this time cinnamon cream cheese. It’s just the right amount of sweet, perfectly balanced with the crackers and even better topped with a few strawberries!


Dinner may not look appetizing but the chicken is beyond delicious! A thin piece of chicken breast topped with prosciutto, basil, eggplant, a little tomato sauce and of course, cheese. This is my second time having it and it was just as good as I remembered it! On the side, garlic mashed potatoes and some peas. If I could only make it home in time to enjoy dinner with everyone else!


My night time snack was extra special tonight! When I got home there was a fresh batch of pumpkin muffins on the counter that I could not wait to dive into! I told myself I could have one tonight with a glass of milk so I won’t be tempted in the morning (who am I kidding?). The picture doesn’t do it much justice but it is absolutely the moistest and most flavorful pumpkin muffin I’ve ever had, sorry Dunkin’!


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