Knocking One Out of the Park – Cupcake Style

Ever make a pull apart cupcake cake?…until this weekend, neither had I! They always look rather simple when you see them all in their piped perfection sitting in the bakery case but I was never up for “the challenge.” Well, after being asked to make cupcakes for a cousin’s birthday party a while back it was suddenly Friday and I had no plan. No brainstorming had happened, no sports themed confections on my Pinterest boards, and no numerous trips to Michaels were taken. Then I realized individually frosting and decorating two dozen sporty cupcakes on Saturday morning would not be happening, so entere the pull apart cupcake cake.

Two dozen vanilla and chocolate cupcakes later, I began perfectly placing (squishing) into a baseball formation. One would think forming round cupcakes into a round circle would be a simple task for a college grad, not when you are desperately trying to avoid potential frosting sink holes.


Three sticks of butter and eight cups of powdered sugar later, I had successfully frosted my cupcakes. Don’t let the picture fool you, it was for an 11 year old not for a bridal shower.


Piping the red threading was actually simple, much more simple than I had anticipated. Dying the frosting red was another story. Lesson learned, fire engine red will only be achieved after excessive amounts of red-red and holiday red icing coloring.


I was more than pleased by the outcome and did my typical “omg look what I made!” by means of texting and social media. Then I tried to pick it up and slowly watched the red frosting sink and slightly separate. Fortunately/unfortunately there are no pictures, but believe it happened and it wasn’t pretty. Luckily, I had an extra cardboard to support the base and I ever so carefully transported it to the party. According to the party goers, I knocked this one out of the park!


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